Buy Magnetic Charging Cable Adapter For All iPhone And Android Mobiles

magnetic charger:

In your daily life if have ever seen how the breakaway charging cables for all mobiles like iPhones, Samsung and also MacBook works. You can appreciate why the magnetic connector is handy for all phones tablets also. These magnetic phone chargers combine the speed and power of a lighting connector with the safety.

magnetic charging cable review:

It very eases technique of a magnetic breakaway. You will never have any worry about your jack or a cord with an unexpected yank. This magnetic technique will simple to be separate from the cord when you pulled.Charging a mobile and tablets is so simple, as you know the connector and some amount of power you need to recharge the battery.

Any mobiles and tablets use a USB cable and it can b plug into any modern laptops and computers to recharge. It may take some time to fill the battery. USB ports on computers only put out half of 500mA or 500mA. USB 3.0 may take up to 1000mA, so this charger can charge a phone very fast.

Magnetic phone charger key details:

  1. Magnetic charger is easy to connect, separate and also plugging out the cable.
  2. In this charger can have two kinds of color of LED indicator for just showing the working status of the cable.
  3. It can support apple phones version 9.2 also.
  4. These magnetic chargers can be used as anti dust plug. Because its safety when the cable is not working.
  5. It is compatible with all devices such as iphone6, iPhone 6s, and 6 plus and 5, 5s and also all type of ipads.

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