Lumi HD Projector High Resolution Ultra Portable 1080p At Low Price

lumi HD projector:

Lumi HD projector turns your living room into a home theater with an image up to 220 inches diagonally. It is perfect for gaming purpose, movies and it is also suitable for business presentations etc.  Finally, this projector will help you the movie theater experience without paying the costs $. Lumi Hd projector 2.0 is a complete home entertainment system that connects to all your devices.

lumi HD pro 2.0 ultraportable projector:

The main advantage of this projector size is small and it is small enough to fit in your language bag. For using this Lumi projector you can share the impressive photos, games, and movies and also business presentations etc. Lumi HD projector cannot occur annoying problems like color problems and video jitters. These all problems occur in older projectors but not this one. Now we are providing the 50% off for this mini projector, so you can buy this Lumi HD pro 2.0 for just $100.

Features of Lumi HD projector:

  1. It is bigger than big up to 220 inches projection.
  2. This mini projector can support 1080 pixels of input.
  3. You can feel like true theater experience.
  4. Bright and vibrant 600 lumens, 800:1 contrast that will rival high end LED television.
  5. 320×240 images and it will project a native clarity.
  6. 60z weight and -5×3.4×1.8 inches of compact and portable.
  7. 30000 hours of lamp life.
  8. This mini projector will work any device like HDMI, USB, 3.5mm jack, AV cord, TF card and also micro SD card connections.
  9. It is good for all type businesses like deliver presentations etc.

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