Buy Best Google Home Mini | Small Smart Speaker Home Mini At Low Price

Google home mini:

Today Google has shown off its new answer to Amazon echo dot that is called as Google home mini. This Google home starting price at $45 and it comes with three colors only. It is actually a snappy small device and its worth, after taking a look at. Google home size and shape of a donut and it comes with gray, coral and also charcoal colors. This Google home mini design is definitely less obtrusive than the dot and it is a bit larger.

Google home mini review:

Google home mini device is also lost the swirling multiple color dots for a line of five white LED’s on the top. I will prefer gray and charcoal colors because the coral color would stand up to dust and dirt. In this Google home mini will arranged four buttons, when you tap the right side of the donut to raise the volume and the left side donut to decrease the sound. In the middle button can play the main role that pauses and plays the music and also long press calls up google assistant.

There is a physical switch on the bottom side of the Google home mini device and turn off it the device’s will listening features and after turn on it then its play music. In the market for devices like the google home and Amazon echo is so new that nobody knows anything for this devices and they are probably important to the connection of everything.

Google home mini release date and price:

This google home mini is equivalent to the echo dot and it has all the same features of the worse speaker and a smaller body of it. you can do some other activities in this google speaker that is set the timers and reminders and also convert the tablespoons to the cups, checking the weather some more things. The extra feature will arrange this google speaker, it is blinks a diamond of colored lights to indicate its thinking or listening. But the mini home has just three white LED’s only.

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