Top 10 Makeup (Cosmetic) Products In India

Best makeup products:

Here so many top favourite cosmetic brands are voted by the makeup lovers. In our site we are given the top best makeup brands. These best makeup products are stand above, so these are the best brands when compare to other brands. Some of the brands are like lipstick, mascara, perfume, lotion and nail polish etc. the above brands can make beauty products from the exclusive, expensive cosmetic brands to the best affordable cosmetic brands. You become more confusion to choose the best makeup products on online but you don’t worry about that,  because in our site we are listed out the top best selling cosmetic brands, so don’t miss this chance.

1.Lakme Eyeconic Kajal, Deep Black, 0.35 g:

Lakme eyeconic kajal makeup product comes with water proof up to 22 hours. this cosmetic product is very safe for your eyes and it is dermatologically tested. It is easy to twist up format and this can be used eye lids and water line. This product gives the fantastic deep black finishing. For the eyeconic eyes it has the intense matte texture. This lakme eyeconic kajal is great for the both day and night looks.


 2.Lakme Insta Eye Liner, Black, 9 ml:

Lakme insta eye liner has the water resistant and it has the deep intense colour. It is easy to apply and dries fast. It is the perfect daily wear eyeliner. With this lakme insta eye liner you can define the outline of your eyes with particular colour. This cosmetic product makes a dash of dramatic glamour and beauty to them. It is the perfect and comfortable makeup product to your eyes because it is a less weight.


 3.Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal, Deep Black, 0.35g:

 This Maybelline new York colossal kajal with light absorbing pigments delivers the two times more blackness. It brings you super smooth application because it is enriched with oils. This cosmetic product comes with waterproof and smudgeproof upto 20 hours. It is opthalmogically tested, so  It is the best makeup product for the contact lens users and sensitive eyes. First use at the inner corner of the eye and draw a neat line along the water line.


 4.Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Creme 50 g:

Lakme perfect radiance creme gives the radiant glowing skin and also gives the illuminated and fairer look. This cosmetic product provides the protection from the sun rays. It moisturizes and nourishes your skin. This cosmetic product avoids the all skin effects and it is safe to your skin. This product is the best suitable product for the both men and women. It works as a sunscreen because it has the titanium dioxide. It is the best daily use product and gives the whitening effect.


5.Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact, Golden Medium 03, 8 g:

Lakme golden medium product protect and keep away your skin from the UVA & UVB rays. This cosmetic product enriched with the vitamins. This makeup product contains the skin brightening pearls and goodness of multi minerals. It also contain the vitamin B3 proven for the lighten skin tone visibility. With the advanced micromesh and allantoin complex formula, This product keeps your skin smooth and soft. This lakme brand is the best cosmetic product in the entire world. So go and buy it now immediately.


6.Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation, Pearl, 27 ml:

Lakme pearl liquid foundation product has the silicone and vitamin E. this cosmetic product comes with the water resistant. This makeup product is the oil free formula. It is the less weight cosmetic product and it also spreads to the blemishes and cover spots. It is easy to carry because this foundation is available in a small bottle. This cosmetic product enrich the replenishing, skin rejuvenating and nourishing.


7.Lakme 9 to 5 Complexion Care Face Cream, Beige, 30 g:

 Lakme 9 to 5 complexion care cream provides the protection from the sun UV rays. This cosmetic product gives the smooth coverage, lighten skin and also even skin tone. This makeup product moisturizes and conceals  the your skin. For the any occasions this product acts as everyday instant skin stylist and also gets the perfect look. This product has the well fitted rose gold cal and it comes in a chic sturdy packaging. It brings you a perfect look in an instant for the any occasions.




8.Lakme Rose Face Powder, Soft Pink, 40 g:

 This lakme rose face powder contains the extracts of real roses. This is the loose face powder with rose fragrance. This face powder protects your skin from the UV rays. This powder controls the oil on your face for a long time. It is a easy application and it is available in different shades. It is a great and best makeup product. You can use either a brush or puff to apply this lakme rose face powder. Using the gentle stokes it easily blendto achieve a finish and smooth.


9.Lakme Eyeconic Lash Curling Mascara Black, 9ml:

 Lakme eyeconic curling mascara is the smart curl brush. This cosmetic product moisturizer keeps lashes smooth. You can use this eyeconic curling mascara in every dayfor the eye make up look as a enhanced lashes. It is used for the curled  lashes. You can begin this from the upper eye lid. You can brush the lashes in underside in smoothly.


 10.Urban Decay Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set with Storage Box, Set of 12:

 Urban decay cosmetic makeup brush is the metal type material. There are set of 12 pieces of  cosmetic makeup brushes. This product is the best imported brand cosmetic makeup product. There are 2 free makeup puff sponge pieces along with that 12 pieces . these makeup brushes are comes with the one fantastiv box with the urban decay branding. The 12 pieces are 1foundation, 1 loose, 1 flat, 1 trimming, 1 medium, 1 eyebrow, 1 oblique, 1 eye shadow, 1 lip, 1 small eye shadow, 1 flat eyeliner and 1 flap lip.


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